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Front speaker replacements

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Hi All,

Looking for some speaker advice for an amateur.

My fronts are very old AWA speakers from the late 70's/ 80's from dads old hifi system, a cheap one at that.

Looks like a single 8" magnavox 8J 118 driver, no crossover (?!?) cheap chipboard cabinet, the sound is surprisingly not that bad TBH.

Came from a stereo like this http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/w225/m/mv22jBfjq8dFAN9D31QFErg.jpg

Here's a pic

The speakers run off my Yamaha RX-V1075 amp.

I'm in a fairly small room, I don't own a woofer and run a 5.0 setup, I don't want a .1 either (apartment)

I have been looking around online at places for what appears to be some genuinely good used speakers at what seems to be great prices, I guess HT gear loses value more than car parts yet works perfectly fine for many years if it's not thrashed? (my speakers are near 35 years old and work fine)

So the thing is, I notice nowadays a lot of the cabinets appear to be 2x6" / 6.5" maybe even 3x6" is this going to be inferior to a single 8" from a pure design perspective? Is it a case of bigger driver is generally better always?

Here's some of the speakers I've found and I don't know what's good or not.


I would absoloutely love to understand Ohms, watts, and so on, I've no idea if my speakers are utter garbage or what's best for my amp etc.

Is there a very simple short guide?

2 last things,

1 I know I don't "need" new speakers - I'm not unhappy with mine but they're just old and when a new (used but loved) set seems so cheap, it seems like not a bad idea.

2 I'm not an audiophile but I'm definitely not a fan of big, fat, flabby bass bass bass and no focus on the midrange. I'm in an apartment so I'd prefer nicer quality at medium volumes than just outright noise, I don't need dual 10" drivers.


NOTE:: I'm a movie watcher, gamer - music isn't a priority.
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Well, out of those you can't go wrong with the Wharfedale's for the price.

Dynaudio's for $950? That's a bit more than most of the others isn't it?
I kind of just wanted to get an idea of what's good and what's not to be honest, to get an understanding of what makes a good speaker.

I literally have no idea so it's frustrating.

Surely adding more and more drivers of the same size makes for limited returns? Also there's only so loud 10x6" speakers could go vs 1x60" (bad example but I hope it makes sense)

I like these a lot for example, simply because they seemingly have a good name and the driver seems a good compromise for my apt (7") http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/281253258394?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

(yeah I missed out on them) but yeah - how does one spot a bargain?
The best way to know what's good and what isn't is to listen critically. Decide on a budget (otherwise you'll just be more confused and will never be able to hear every speaker) and then start with speakers that are critically acclaimed and go from there. Run to some stores and listen for yourself. You might like them or maybe not - you're the ultimate decider. They'll sound somewhat (or a lot) different in your home.

The purpose of several 5-6" woofers rather than one is simply to move more air - get louder, not to get lower frequencies. (Sort of - you can but that's more complicated and technical.) Smaller woofers move faster - stopping and going in the reverse direction with less mass. A 15" woofer will get lower frequencies but it gets tougher to make them do "tight" non-boomy bass - read more expensive.

It's somewhat difficult for this predominately American site to make suggestions about what is offered in Oz. I know Wharfedale and B&W but I'm not familiar with Richter, etc. I recommended Wharfedale because I know their line is pretty uniformly good. While B&W has some really good models and others not so good.
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