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I have some pretty serious space constraints for the 5.1 system i'm trying to put together. i don't have space for towers, which means i don't have space for towers on stands either.

i have two choices, put some SMALL bookshelves on top of my AV stand on either side of the TV, or mount something slightly larger on the wall. i would MUCH prefer to find something I can put on the stand.

problem is i have slightly less than 6'' of real estate left on the stand on each side of the TV. i've accepted the fact that i won't be able to get nice enough bookshelves on there to forego the sub, but i would still like something that produces halfway decent sound for music.

i'm willing to spend up to $200 for the fronts, as i figure i can get a center for another $100, a cheap sub for ~$100, and two generic rears for $100 to get to my total budget target of $500.

speakers i'm currently considering are;

1) HTD Middy $180/pair

2) Aperion Intimus 4B $260/pair. I really don't want to spend that much, but i'm having a hard time finding stuff that meets the
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