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Fry's has WD 200GB 7200RPM 8MB for $149 after rebates

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I am wondering how low hard drive prices will go...

The actual price is $269, with a $100 WD rebate and a bonus $20 rebate. It also comes with a 3-year warranty. The rebate ends next week.

Has anyone used these drives in HTPCs? Are they quiet?
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Just checked the rebates. They are from WD directly.

The same hard drive sells for $20 more on Outpost (interesting as the store price is lower than the Internet price).
They had this same deal in Feb and I never got my rebate... $120 is no small thing to lose. I won't by another WD drive.
from feb to now is not uncommon. you will probably still get it. i have had some rebates take 4-5 months.
I got a $100 rebate for a drive I bought in december in late march.
I hope you're right... rebate for said 8 weeks, which is past. The website has no knowledge of the rebate.
I too bought one of these from Fry's in Feb. I called the WD rebate center who said that mine was in the "final stages" of processing. The lady said I should get my rebate in another couple of weeks. Hope you have the same or better luck.

I just received my $50 rebate for Pinnacle Studio 8 today...I sent in the forms in December!
i received my $50 printer rebate today. I purchased it on Boxing day, Dec 26th. Not uncommon at all.
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