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FS - 4x Acoustic Elegance IB15! 400 shipped !

No pics currently but they are lightly used fully functional and no defects I can spot.

Will do all in 400 shipped for most of lower 48. Maybe a little more for west coast.

Edit -- title is a type AE ie acoustic elegance

"The IB15HT is quite simply the ultimate infinite baffle driver for home theater of hifi use. It was designed from the ground up to be the most accurate, lowest distortion driver ever made for these types of applications. The high Xmax means these drivers are able to move large amounts of air very cleanly. The extremely low Fs along with the optimal .707 Qts makes these woofers extremely efficient over the lowest octaves and eliminates the need for boosting the low end response.

The full copper shorting ring on the pole nearly eliminates two of the greatest causes for distortion in loudspeakers that are not addressed in most other drivers. This copper sleeve lowers inductance and decreases eddy currents, fixing the flux permanently in the gap. The IB15HT has extremely low inductance allowing it to play up to 500hz or higher when the application requires this.

Quite simply, no other infinite baffle driver can match the high levels of clean,low distortion output of the IB15HT.

Explore the Lambda 001 Motor design

IB15HT 8ohm
Fs: 16Hz
Qms: 6.8
Vas: 440 L
Cms: .45 mm/N
Mms: 220 g
Rms: 3.25 kg/S
Xmax: 18 mm(peak)
Xmech: 27 mm(peak)
Sd: 830 sqcm
Vd: 2.98L (p-p)
Qes: .78
Re: 5.5 ohm
Le: .33 mH
Z: 8 ohm
Bl: 12.49 T/m
Pe: 300W (cont.)
Qts: .7
1WSPL: 85.63 dB
2.83V: 87.26 dB"

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I'm decidedly interested - I'm accumulating IB15s for a media room build. Unfortunately, I can't PM due to insufficient post count (I registered because I saw this listing), but please let me know what it might cost to ship these to me in California, if they're still available.

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