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These units have served me well, but the last signal source I had available for them was analog OTA broadcasts...and we all know what happened to those! But they are still great units for somebody with a cable box or standalone DirecTV receiver.

ReplayTV 5040 unit, with lifetime subscription and 160GB hard drive. Of course this unit features the infamous "commercial skip" feature, which I now miss so much on my DirecTivos! Works great, includes the remote, power cable and serial control cable. I believe I have the manual too. No original box on this one. I'm asking $140 plus UPS shipping from 91316. SOLD

Showstopper unit with 120GB hard drive and internal fan modification. (Keeps the drive nice and cool...I was going through drives every six months before I added the fans.) Lifetime subscription, of course. Includes original box, manual & hookup guide, power cable, control cable, IR blaster, and two remotes. One remote is well-worn but functional, the other is like new. I'm asking $60 for this unit, plus UPS shipping from 91316. SOLD


EDIT: I'm dropping the 5040 price down to $140 and the Showstopper to $60. I'd like to get these units out of my house, and into the hands of somebody who can still enjoy them. Thanks.
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