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FS: A Pair Of JTR 2400ULF Subs.....

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Hello All!

I have a pair of JTR 2400ULF Subs for sale. I would prefer not to split them up. I am located in the North Texas/DFW area.

I purchased these in February/March of 2018 and took delivery in May of 2018. I am selling them in preparation for a pair of custom 4000ULFs. :D

SOLD!!. I will not ship them - come and get 'em, and bring a friend.

They are in excellent condition, I've never abused them, in fact the gain has never been turned up past hash 5 out of 20.

These are the 14hz versions, with two ports at the bottom. I've heard in the JTR Subwoofer thread you can plug one of them and it will play similar to the 10hz version - but I have not confirmed that.



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