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I'm entertaining the idea of selling my AV123 Signature Series Bigfoot Center. It's flawless except for a scratch on the back and has only about a year of use on it. Even the original boxes are like the day I got it back around 2009. Of course I have the Rocket RS850 towers but they are like family and have a place in my living room. I love this center, it easily kicked my paradigm system out of my Theater room when I first got them, as during production is was a direct competitor for the Paradigm Studio series.

The only reason I'm thinking of getting rid of the Bigfoot is simply that My theater room now has an acoustic screen and actual Cinema speakers and the Rockets moved into the living room several years ago and I don't use a center in my living room anymore. It's been boxed up and sitting for the last 4 years in my spare room and I have been running my Rockets in Phantom with no center as I don't have room for the beast. I hate to get rid of it but at some point I'm just hording it and it does no good sitting in a box.:)

This is the Signature version and was a $600 speaker MSRP and was considered to be a steal at that price. They have real Rosewood Veneer with piano black top and bottom caps. Grill is also flawless. It's a beast at 50lbs.

Here's a review.

If anyone is interested I could sell for $325 or trade for something to run my subs, inukeDSP 3000 or 6000.
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