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FS: Belden 7710A Ultra High Bandwidth 30 ft. component cable (NEW)

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Bought the 30-ft cable from Ram Electronics about 6 months ago and have never used it. Never even taken out of package. I don't think you can buy a better component cable than this one. Somebody should get some use out of it :).

Component Video Cable, 30 feet long. Belden 7710A Cable with Canare RCAP-C53 RCA Connectors and Boots.

$89 including shipping to anywhere in the 48 cont. states of the USA.


Please post here or e-mail me.

PMs on top of posts, on top of e-mails is too hecktick.

Again, please e-mail me... [email protected]

(mention AVS in the title)

Thanks for looking:)
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Ooops, actually meant to list it for $89. Sorry. The price INCLUDING SHIPPING is $89.
Considering reasonable offers.

I'm confused.

Component video requires one cable each for Y, Pb, and Pr - 3 total cables.

Are you offering a single cable or a component cable set with all 3?

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Click on the link. It's the first set of component cables on the page, the 30 footer ($156.01).
The component cable IS still for sale. Off to eBay soon...
Been so busy... haven't had a chance to eBay yet. Yes, it's still for sale.

No e-mail address provided to e-mail you with. If you want it, then go ahead and Paypal $89 to my e-mail address in the first post... or YOU could e-mail ME:)

Jeez! All the sudden everyone wants this.

The cable has been SOLD.

Thanks for all the interest.
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