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I'm having 10 LaScala bins build (22mm multiplex with extra bracing) but as it turns out I'm not able to use them all.. I can cancel the order but I already put down a deposit. If anyone is interested you can hit me up and maybe we can arrange something. I'm open to all kind of shipping (but price will reflect that ofcourse). 650euro for a pair.

Also selling it as a complete 3-way LaScala (active with original drivers and a PH2380 horn): 1650 euro (for the pair)

bassbins with Eminence kappa 15C woofer (seperately: 650 euro + 220 euro (brand new woofers) )
K55M driver with PH2380 horn (and adapter)(seperately: 450 euro + 100euro)
K77 tweeter (seperately: 125 euro)

DCX2496 active crossover (not for sale separately. Doesn't have to be included in the 3-way).

All prices are open for discussion, primarily the bass bins. I also have several for sale (up to 8 depending the amount of interested people). Will agree to a discount on several bins at once.

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