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4 or 6 commercial theater seats, refinished to like new condition.

These are medium height back, fabric rockers with heavy duty components and construction- no cheap Walmart theater seat wannabe's here :)

They share common arms with armrest and cupholder on each armrest.

The seats have heavy duty commercial fabric, rebuilt with new thick foam cushions , heavy metal arm supports, metal seat buckets and thick plywood cores in the seat backs.

These aren't flimsy plastic backs and seat bottoms or thin metal and cheap fabrics. Meant for real use and built to take it.
They are heavy duty commercial grade seats, professionally rebuilt and refinished.

Removed from a 70's/80's era theater by Booth Seating:

and stripped down to bare components and bare metal, re-painted and covered in new foam and fabric per my preference.

Perfect for that 60's-70's-80's vibe vs. the boring made-for-home theater seating.

Purchased 10 of these for my dedicated basement theater, but now downsizing, keeping 4.
My basement theater has been refinished in the past year and 4 of the 10 seats have been re-installed per the attached photos.
The plan is to sell 4 or 6 of the seats (not 5, due to the need for the finished end arms).
You could make 2 rows of 3, or 4 + 2.

They are in the condition I bought them. Fully functional, no operational issues, tears or stains.
Used in a pet, child and smoke-free home by working professionals.

They have provided years of enjoyment with friends and family for Superbowls, HDTV events, movies, gaming nights on the big screen with a HTPC, etc.

Disassembled and ready to sell- throw in your truck, SUV, van, etc and go!

Paid over $300/seat.
Asking $ $300 for the row of 4, or $450 for row of 6 or 4+2 (end arms)
Willing to make deal for 4 or 6 seats- make offer.


Send PM with offer


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