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I am longing for Denon to produce a 4k UHD Universal Player. But, it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I am posting this under audio because this player is designed specifically for optimal transport of digital audio over HDMI.

I am selling this DBT-3313 solely because I purchased a MiniDSP nanoAVR DL (HDMI LPCM in/out) to use Dirac Live. I can't utilize Denon Link HD with the nanoAVR. Asking $400 + shipping. MSRP $1099 (street price $450 - $950).

This player can switch Blu-ray regions via script on a USB stick.

The DBT-3313 may be the last in a line of great Denon Universal Players. Build quality is top notch with ultra smooth disc tray. Probably equal to an Oppo. However this is made specifically for digital transport to a Denon AVR (Denon AVR-X4x00 and above models including upcoming AVR-X8500H) with Denon Link HD. A 75Ω coax/RCA connection between the DBT and AVR provides clock synchronization to mitigate/eliminate jitter. A second HDMI output is available for use without Denon Link (audio exclusive mode).

Denon Link HD
DBT-3313UD is equipped with Denon Link HD to achieve digital audio signal transmission with negligible jitter over an HDMI connection. This technology transmits digital sound by transmitting the A/V receiver’s master clock signal to the player and operating the ICs (integrated circuits) on both sides based on a shared, uniform clock signal. In digital signal transmissions over conventional HDMI connections, the ICs are operated with separate clock signals, resulting in considerable jitter and loss of resolution in the sound. Denon Link HD works not only with Blu-ray disc but with all HDMI digital output signals, including DVD, DVDAudio, Super Audio CD, music CD, and music streamed from a network. The adoption of Denon Link HD in the DBT-3313UD achieves more clearly defined sound localization and a beautifully spacious 3D sound.

Edit: I had originally planned to wait on the Denon AVR-X8500H but ended up with a Lyngdorf MP-50 instead. I hope they release a Denon Link UHD player to match the X8500H.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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