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FS: Denon X5200W - 9CH, 140W with Auro 3D upgrade

This is a 2014 model and will work great with a 1080p TV. It will not pass a 4k/HDCP 2.2 signal; however, you can use a dual HDMI 4k Blu Ray player with one HDMI output to pass the 4k video straight to the 4k TV and the other HDMI output to pass the HD audio to the receiver. There are 9 amps on board so it can do a 9.2 setup (ie. 7.2 + Front Wide) or Atmos 5.2.4 or 7.2.2 and by adding an external 2CH amp can expand to Atmos 7.2.4. Or it can power 5.1CH + Zone 2 + Zone 3 to have separate audio in two other rooms. Additionally, it features a Zone 2 HDMI monitor output which allows you to pass an HDMI source (audio+video) to a TV (or receiver) in another room, either the same source playing in the main zone or a different source than what is playing in the main zone. Independent volume control when using 2 subs. Single owner and used in a non-smoking environment. Like new condition with no marks or blemishes and comes in the original box with all original factory accessories included (ie. Audyssey mic, remote control, 2 Wifi /Bluetooth antennas, AM/FM antennas). Bluetooth is "receive" only. Stream your favorite music tracks to this receiver using Apple Airplay, Pandora, Spotify, or SiriusXM.

Denon X5200W - 9.2 CH, 140W - 8 HDMI inputs/3 HDMI outputs (2 - main/1 - Zone 2), Zone 2/3 pre-outs, 13.2 main zone pre-outs, Audyssey MultEQ XT32, Sub EQ HT (dual sub level/delay), Made in Japan, HD Radio, PHONO, Atmos, and DTS Neo:X (but not DTS:X), and Dialog Enhancer. Also includes the Auro 3D firmware upgrade (normally $199 extra). Original MSRP $1999 + $199 upgrade = $2198.

Price is firm at $750 - shipped (or $700 for local pickup in Orlando/Central Florida)

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