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Hi all,
I'm also looking to move on a pair of immaculate condition Midas Klark Teknik Professional 30-band Stereo Graphic EQs. Model DN360

$1,700 AUD for the pair, delivered.
Located in Brisbane, Australia.

These were $1,999 AUD each when new and are some of the last of the quality hand made units from England before they switched to mass prodution in China.
First and only owner. Typically used in pro audio, studios and the like, though these have never been rocked out, toured with or hired out. They have only lived indoors serving my theatre.
They have an exceptionally quiet noise floor and offer 6dB vs 12dB slider parameters, EQ in/EQ Out and XLR connections only.
I will include the RCA to XLR adapters that I use for the inputs.

Great for those who want immediate reach to fix imperfections or want a lot of EQ control.

Will come in original boxes, etc.

PM me if interested.


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