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The speaker which initiated my interest in waveguides and constant directivity and was (is) quite a sensation for BOTH audio and home theater aficionados. The only reason for sale is I have too many speakers- and yes I continue to own Earl's speakers.

This has premium piano black finish/MDF and is heavier than Summas I bought. They look OK- if you have OCD-then you can sand and paint bottom or do it all over. Yes, you do need to use subwoofer(s).

I have this pair in storage- and you can either pick up (San Diego) or I can ship by freight. You can check my feedback on audiogon (kskishore).

Asking $2600. Paypal thru CC +3%.


About Gedlee Abbey
The Abbey has a 12" High Performance 12TBX100 B&C woofer and a 12" waveguide and the same 1" compression driver as the Summa (DE250 B&C). The retail for assembled with piano black finish was $6K+shipping

Drivers: B&C 12TBX100 & DE250-8
Sensitivity: 95 dB / 2.83 volt / 1 m (0 dB on the curves below)
Impedance: 8 Ohms above 100 Hz.


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