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FS: H20 Audio Fire PreAmp

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Asking Price: $2,295
Condition: 7 (This rating due to one heat sink fin slightly bent)

For your consideration, I am offering an H20 Audio Fire Preamp. This is the flagship design by Henry Ho and highly praised by six moons. This preamp contains a pair of amp sized toroids and tethers to the main chassis via two umbilical power cords with locking connectors. It is excellent for low signal levels, designed for ultra linearity and pulling a lot of low level information. This unique preamp comes with a power supply.

According to six moons: "This Fire Preamp is a such an unusual piece in choice of technology and performance. It should cause a stir."
This preamp seldom appears for sale as it is a keeper.
Six Moon adds: "It demonstrated precision and control especially in the bottom end but also flexed major muscles in the retrieval of detail."

Frequency response: 2hz - 500khz - 3db;
Max output voltage: 10vrms
Firepower supply: 2x 250 VA Troidal transformers
Filter Capacitance: 78000 ucF Fire Decoupling
Capacitance: 396000 uF
Input Impedance: 22 kOhms
Output Impedance: 20 Ohms
Inputs: 4 Single Ended
RCA Outputs: 2 single ended RCAs
Functions: Volume, mute
Preamp Dissipation: 100 watts
Preamp dimensions: 7" H x 10" D x 14" W
Weight: 30lbs
Power supply dissipation: 10 watts
Power Supply Dimensions: 4" H x 15"D x 14"W
Power Supply Weight: 30lbs





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