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FS: Infocus IN83 1080p projector with brand new bulb. "Older High End DLP" projector with Darkchip4. 1DLP sharp, yet bright. *Price reduced to $675**

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The Infocus IN83 is one of the brightest 1 chip 1080p "Older High End DLP" projectors I know of. I'm looking for $725 for it. (Edit: price dropped to $675). It is very sharp. I believe Infocus made a custom lens for the IN83 model. Says 10 bit color in specs. Potential good candidate for HDR content (note: this requires madvr or Lumagen or certain Panasonic UHD players to deliver HDR to 1080p displays). Projectorreviews.com's review had this to say.
The InFocus IN83 is a fantastic home theater projector. I don’t get this excited too often.
Perhaps it has something to do with the Darkchip4, the latest DLP processor, but I’ve never before had any projector here that produces such a natural looking and color accurate image, after calibration. I concede now that part of that (natural look) may be related to also being much brighter than almost all of the competition. In fact, only the Optoma HD81-LV, of all the 1080p projectors we’ve reviewed, is brighter.
I estimate the first 5 years I had it, it was used 5,500 - 7,000 hours (real estimate, not a conservative one), but since then, it has been boxed and not useduntil recently just to test it. You can see the condition of the case once pictures are up, it is in good but not perfect cosmetic condition. It has some scratches of the paint that I showed in the photos but not a lot. Those are from being put in a plastic box in storage along with the ceiling mount and the angled side of the mount scratched the paint. They are not from any injury to the projector in use, or anything that would affect the performance. The projector was very well taken care of except for this one oversight with how it was stored in a box while not in use, which led to these cosmetic imperfections but otherwise, the way it was mounted, taken down, and handled on its way to being put in the box was very careful. The condition of the lens is normal, never been scratched, "like new" other than the years it has seen, and the electronics, everything, is excellent condition. I can't recall the projector ever once glitching or wavering the whole time I've used it. Very reliable and well made. It hasn't slowed down, it runs the same as when I bought it. I am the only owner except for the dealer I bought it from who used it in his home for maybe just a few months after he got it to demo for potential IN83 buyers, and he sold it to me when it was still on its first bulb. I then ceiling mounted it so it was secure and it was never touched since then except to align it. Then I put it in storage until now when I'm selling. So it has not been moved around a lot, or touched a lot, either.

Some quotes from whathifi.com's review:
Staggering levels of detail

The end result is simply stunning. Watching Ratatouille on Blu-ray, sending the 1080p/24fps signal directly from the player, the level of detail and three-dimensionality is staggering. The rats look so good we're almost inclined to lift our feet up off the ground, individual strands of hair being clearly visible on the rodents' skin. And it's this subtlety that, again with Cars, helps to deliver brilliantly involving images.

Switch to some real-life action and it's just as pleasing. Letters from Iwo Jima shows fine contrast levels with truly deep, dark blacks underpinning bold but natural brighter shades, while the level of three-dimensionality and insight still impresses. Motion is smooth too, making this InFocus a stunningly desirable piece of projection technology that justifies the outlay and will take some beating.
Trustedreviews.com's review:
When I’m watching a film, I like dark parts of the picture to really look black. I make no apologies for this, or for the fact that it’s often a decisive element in my reviews, for I genuinely believe black level response to be one of the most important elements in creating a truly convincing home cinema picture.

Which explains why I’m so excited today to be sat alongside the InFocus IN83. For tucked away inside this projector’s surprisingly living room-friendly body beats a heart of black gold, AKA the Full HD Texas Instruments DarkChip 4 DLP chipset.
Picture quality from the InFocus IN83, when properly set up and positioned, is amongst the best we’ve seen. Images have a film-like quality to them, with colours that are consistently natural and vibrant. As an example, the InFocus IN83 home theatre projector has the best reproduction of skin tones we have seen in our tests.
I will ship anywhere buyer will pay for shipping, even overseas so long as I am not responsible for any risk.
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Bump. Photos added. Keeping price at $725 but I've been taking offers also, and still am taking offers.
Bump. Price reduced to $675.
Bump. Price $675 or best offer.
Bump. $650. Also, if you haven't read the OP, note that this is a good sample.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts