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I have a mint condition JTR Triple 12 speaker for sale. I used it for a center speaker and it just doesn't fit under my plasma, it is large! I will split the shipping with you.

The JTR Triple 12 is equipped with two 12” woofers in a vented enclosure, combined with a sealed 12” midrange coaxial fitted with a 1” compression driver.

unique annular diaphragm compression driver

ultra low moving mass midrange

high excursion woofers (8mm xmax each way)

physically and acoustically concentric coaxial

heavily braced cabinet

massive binding post that excepts up to 2awg wire

huge ports for minimal turbulence and compression

completely front firing for versatile installation

magnetically attached grill

quality polypropylene capacitors

quality perfect lay inductors
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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