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FS: JVC DLA-RS40 Projector (Dead Ballast)

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My JVC DLA-RS40 served me well for many years. I replaced and corrected the orientation of the capacitor for the front IR sensor (a known design flaw with the model). Unfortunately, the projector died on me last year due to ballast failure. I shipped it off to be repaired, planning to sell it afterwards, but the estimate that the repair shop quoted me for the work is more than I would expect to recoup from a sale. I do not plan to have the repair completed.

The projector is currently inoperable. I'm looking for a buyer who either wants it for parts, or can replace the ballast and repair it yourself. (If you want to pay the repair shop to do the work, that's up to you. It's still with them, and I would ask them to ship it directly to you.)

I'm hoping for $200, but will entertain other reasonable offers. PM me to discuss. Thanks.

Update: Did not get any interest and ultimately decided to recycle the projector.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts