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FS: KEF T-Series / Denon AVR-X1300W - For Sale - Boston MA area

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For sale:

  • A/V Receiver: DENON AVR-X1300W 7.2-Ch x 80 Watts with Networking
  • Left and Right Front: 2x KEF T301 Black
  • Center: KEF T301c Black
  • Surround: 2x KEF T101 White
  • [SOLD] Sub: SVS SB12-NSD (with SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System upgrade)

Spec sheets:

I have original boxes for everything except the T301 speakers. The T101 speakers have original stands and everything. I have the kickstand for the T301c but no stands for the T301 speakers (they're meant to be wall mounted anyway, very high WAF that way). Denon and SVS come with everything expected. Power cables included, speaker cables are not included.

I'm NW of Boston MA, willing to drive a reasonable distance.

Individual Pricing:
  • $200 - DENON AVR-X1300W
  • $600 - 2x KEF T301 Black, KEF T301c Black, and 2x KEF T101 White
  • [SOLD] - SVS SB12-NSD

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Willing to part it out, and I'm open to reasonable offers.
Hi I’d like to buy your SVS sb12-NSD. I’ll Pm you.
SVS sub is sold. The rest is still available, come get it!
Buy from me here and we can both save a bit!
How much for the KEF T101
I'd prefer to sell the speakers as a set.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts