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PROVISION II Line Doubler.$595

Have you been scared off lately with the price of line doublers? Want to

reduce those annoying scan lines? Are you aware that if your CRT (3 gun)

video/data projector capable of displaying at least a VGA image at 31.5 kHz,

you can now enhance the picture quality to HDTV standard for a fraction of

the cost. We can now offer you an affordable line doubler...

We have tested this unit on a Sony VPH G70, 1292 &1272 projectors, projected

onto a 3 metre wide 16 x 9 ratio screen with truly impressive results. There

were no noticeable faults in the picture; even compared with the Sony G70

inbuilt ($3,800) line doubler the Provision II was superior.

The package comes complete with all cables and installation instructions.

Our line doubler carries a 12 months warrantee for more info and to book a

demo call our sales line on Melbourne 03 97408832 /0418504718 ..we also

have a large range of preloved CRT projectors for sale! (And for us purists

out there "long live the CRT projectors!").

www.videoprojectors.com.au EMAIL for picture
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