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FS: Marantz AV8802A HT Preamp/Processor 11.2 Dolby Atmos - Mint, Low Use

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Selling my Flagship Marantz AV8802a HT Processor. Purchased brand new from an authorized dealer. Very little use in a dedicated HT. Mint condition, not a single scratch or imperfection. Meticulously cared for and packed. 100% complete with Box and accessories. $1350 + Shipping. ebay ID is "tlp-123"

The flagship of Marantz preamp/processors
Honestly, it might just be easier for us to list what the Marantz AV8802A can't do than what it can. That's because this highly accomplished preamp/processor gives you all the connectivity, capabilities, and legendary Marantz performance you'll need to make it the hub of a reference-quality home theater sound system. What makes the AV8802A so special? It starts with all of the flexibility and features of Marantz's capable AV7702 pre/pro, including Dolby Atmos® surround decoding, plus it adds enough high-performance goodies to make an audiophile drool.
Upgrades for discerning ears
The AV8802A's long list of upgrades includes a massive toroidal transformer with oxygen-free copper windings encased in an aluminum housing for superior current delivery and low noise. Large power supply capacitors offer more than double the reserve current capacity of Marantz's AV7702 for increased dynamics. AKM's latest-generation 32-bit DACs are used on all channels to provide exceptional resolution and transparency. The '8802's heavy copper-plated chassis includes a three-piece top-panel plus a double-layer bottom plate to provide a solid, vibration-resistant foundation. And along with its 13.2-channel balanced XLR outputs, this pre/pro even includes a pair of balanced stereo inputs for connecting your favorite high-end audio source. Pair the AV8802A with a solid multichannel power amp (or two), and you'll hear how far the possibilities of home theater have come.
Marantz AV8002 preamp/processor

Dolby Atmos adds a new dimension to sound
Dolby's latest surround sound technology brings a new level of immersion to your home theater. By employing in-ceiling speakers or special Dolby-enabled upward-firing speakers that reflect sound off your ceiling, Dolby Atmos offers a greater sense of space, for sound that's more three-dimensional. Already at work in film production studios and many movie theaters, Dolby Atmos represents a huge step in putting more "theater" into your home theater.
The AV8802A offers multiple setup options for Dolby Atmos. For instance, you can add four overhead or up-firing speakers to a conventional seven-channel system — this is referred to as a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos setup and is the recommended standard for the best experience. Here's a breakdown of all the Dolby Atmos speaker configurations this pre/pro supports:

  • 7.1.4 - seven conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and four overhead or height speakers (recommended)
  • 9.1.2 - nine conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and two overhead or height speakers
  • 7.1.2 - seven conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and two overhead or height speakers
  • 5.1.4 - five conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and four overhead or height speakers
  • 5.1.2 - five conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and two overhead or height speakers
You can use as many as four subwoofers with any of these configurations.
With a firmware update, this receiver also supports DTS:X surround sound, a new format which uses object-based processing similar to Dolby Atmos and overhead speakers for immersive home theater.
Smartphones, tablets, computers, and online music services all play here
If much of your music listening takes place in the digital domain, you'll be impressed with the AV8802A's many digital music features. Built-in Wi-Fi® makes it easy to connect to your home network. From there, you can play music wirelessly from networked computers and NAS drives. Apple® users can stream tunes from an iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, or a computer running iTunes® with AirPlay. Or, connect your iPod® or iPhone to the front-panel USB port and control it with the included remote.
Android™ users will appreciate Bluetooth connectivity, for wirelessly streaming audio from any app on your device. Spotify® and SiriusXM subscribers can listen to their favorite playlists or stations. Plus, there's built-in support for Pandora® and hundreds of free online radio streams. Into high-resolution music? The AV8802A can play files with sampling rates up to 24-bit/192kHz, as well as DSD files.

Branch out to three rooms
The AV8802A has the processing to play different music in as many as three rooms simultaneously. Want to add video to another room? The Zone 2 HDMI output allows you to watch different video content at the same time in each zone. There's also a third HDMI output for connecting both a projector and a TV in your main zone.
Setup help and Audyssey "Platinum"
A feature-packed component like the AV8802A is only as good as your ability to set it up and control it. Marantz's setup assistant guides you through all your connections and settings right out of the box. Just connect your TV with an HDMI cable and you'll be ready to get started. Audyssey's Platinum suite of speaker calibration offers some cool features, including independent calibration for dual subwoofers.
Smartphone and tablet control
When your system is ready to roll, download the free Marantz Remote app for your Apple or Android device. It's an easy way to control this preamp/processor over Wi-Fi, giving you an intuitive touchscreen interface to change sources, play digital music, and operate key features.
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