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I've got an extra MartyCube, so I thought I'd post it and see if anyone local to Madison, WI is interested. Flatpacks went for $250, I'm going to ask $140 OBO. It's glued, sanded, foam installed, and the joints have been spackled. All that is left is wiring and dropping in a driver and finishing the cab as you wish.

If you are interested in a package deal, I do have an extra SI HT18 D4 that I'd be willing to part with as well.


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Hi, I'm interested. Do you happen to know if the cutout is the right size for a UXL-18 as well? (I'm on my phone and it's hard for me to check right now)

I am in Madison and could do pickup.

Looked up and I think things look right for what I need.

SI HT 18
Cutout: 16.7″
Outer Diameter: 18.5″

Mounting Diameter - 42.4cm / 2.54 = 16.7"
Outside Diameter - 47cm (with rubber gasket) / 2.54 = 18.5"

I am definitely interested in the cabinet, do not need the driver, but if you need to sell both together I'd consider it if the price is right.

Will send a PM.

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I also may know a local guy in Madison interested in the driver/.
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