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For sale are three (3) Miller & Kreisel SS-150THX tripolesurround speakers. Price is $1,000 for the set, with buyer paying shipping. These were part of anolder 8.1 THX surround system in a house that I purchased. They were used as the rear surround/effectspeakers and a rear center. (TheTHX-certified layout has only a single rear center.) They are by-far the most incredible-soundingsurround speakers I have ever heard, and with each enclosure housing threespeakers – and a tweeter – each firing in a different direction, it filled theback of the large open room with sound. Unfortunately the downside is that they look like black speakers on a wall,and my wife and decorator decided they had to go. (Don’t even get me started) So now I have grill-painted in-wall speakers that at least look better, but not the same re:sound.

I am the third owner of the house, built in year 2000. The original owners (older couple, no kids athome) worked with a theatre company – and spent a lot of money – to go veryhigh-end on the theatre system in his living room. Receiver and speakers all THX-certified;everything except the two front effect speakers are M&K. They lived there until 2008, then the water-fronthouse sold to another couple – no kids – who used it as one of several vacationhomes. We purchased in 2012. All this said because I don’t know when thesystem went in, but it was probably around 2000-01, but has not been used hardfrom what I can tell. The sound isperfect, no distortion, and the boxes and grills in 9/10 condition. Some people look for these older speakersfeeling that the speakers from the pre-M&K reorg were better quality thanwhat is being made today.

This is what I have:

  • Three (3) Miller & Kreisel SS-150THX tripolesurround speakers, black.
  • Three (3) OmniMount system Model 25 RSTwall-mount brackets. The SS-150THXcontains a threaded insert in the speakers back baffle. This allows the speaker to be securelyfastened to the Omnimount wall-mount bracket. They are black, and have the installation instructions
  • Operation manual for the speakers, and warrantyand other paperwork that came with the speakers. Of course the original five year transferrablewarranty has expired
  • Three (3) Lucasfilm THX certified badges for thegrill covers (which are not installed)
I suspect I don’t need to list specs, as the person thatprobably buys these is going to be very familiar with the line. But here they are anyway (straight from theoperation manual):

  • Lucasfilm THX certified
  • Impedence: 4 ohms
  • Min Power: 10 watts RMS
  • Recommended Power: 50 to 200 watts RMS
  • Max Power: 200 watts RMS unclipped peaks
  • Frequency response: 100-20KHz (high frequenciesabove 8 KHz are not rolled off)

Attached are pictures of the speakers (fronts, left sides,right sides, backs, closeup of a back, wall mounts), as well as a write-up thatthe original owner had kept. I know thatmost surround sound systems now have speakers in pairs, so you may need onlytwo or need to buy another. I am sellingthese all together – as a group of three.

Shipping. Of coursemeeting someone local in Houston Texas would work best, but I have no problemwith shipping. I still have the boxes frommy in-wall speakers, and have reworked the packing material to get all threespeakers in a single box. Attached arepictures. The bubble wrap and foam areplaced such that they do not move in the boxes. The grills are fit in the top of the box in a separate layer from thespeakers. That said, if you don’t likeit packed this way, or feel like they can be shipped this way without damage, Ican certainly take into a shipping store and have them box and insure foryou. The liability is yours eitherway. If they were mine, I would be okwith what I have done, but again, it is your choice to either sign off on this,or incur the cost of having someone else pack in peanuts, separate boxes, etc. As I have the three of them packed together,the total weight with the box is 39 lbs.

As for price, I want $1000 for the three. Plus you pay the shipping, and the boxing ifyou want it done different than what I have done. Last ones listed sold for $750 per pair, lastyear. You get the third speaker forcheap, plus the wall mounts. Condition ofthese speakers is very good to excellent. As they were mounted high on a wall, the grills have not been worn atall. Only issue was dust that wascleaned off. Sound is perfect. If these pictures are clear enough, I can send high-resolution shots (that were too big for posting).

UPDATE: 9 May 2015 - I realize most people only want two speakers, and/or it takes some work to find another if putting together a four speaker set. I will lower price on these to $750 for the three, plus buyer pays shipping. If you can pick up in Houston, that would be even better as you could see the condition beforehand and we don't have concerns about damage in shipping. That said, they are boxed to ship.

Not sure what is going on with this ad though as I have been quite busy, have not checked, and it didn't come up in queries for SS 150 or SS-150. I've had a local cash offer, but am hoping for a bit closer to ask price. But at the moment, I have time to deal with this. OH, AND AS I AM A NEW MEMBER, I CANNOT DO PM REPLIES. SO PLEASE PM ME YOU EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER AND I WILL RESPOND TO YOU VIA THAT WAY. THANKS


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SS-150THX speakers

Hi Andy et al,

Didn't see this coming but apparently I cannot PM back until I have 15 posts. Could you please PM with your email address, and I will send you mine, and we can go from there. I'd rather not put my email address on the thread as I don't want any more spam that I already get! THANKs

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