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I'm all in on streaming. I thought I'd pick up one of these a while back and use it as a SACD player, which I've still not done despite having 6 fantastic albums. I've watched exactly two movies on this - Gravity and John Wick. That's it. I turned the device on yesterday and everything works fine. Connected it to the network, disc played fine.
Pics attached to post.

$SOLD Shipped - $SOLD Picked Up in Chicago Area-ish OBO

I also have the Oppo RMK-UDP203 Rack Mount Kit. $SOLD shipped.

Want the RMK and the UDP, read on!
$SOLD shipped for a bundle deal. $SOLD picked up for the same bundle deal.
The box includes all the styrofoam to keep the player secure in shipping. One of the box tabs got cut off when I opened it. The box still closes totally fine.

All payments are via paypal - and not to "friends/family" - don't buy an!

PM for questions OR hit me up at stephenpjones-at-me-period-com


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