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Well it's time. With more and more stuff in HD I finally upgraded the bedroom to a Comca$t HD DVR, so the Showstopper is no longer needed (I've still got a 5120 doing secondary daily chores in the living room). As you all probably know these dinosaurs are lifetime boxes but were built like tanks. It works 100% and I upgraded it to a 120GB drive. It comes with the original box, manual, IR blaster, cables, etc, and the original remote. The 'select' button on the original remote is sporadic but I read on here you can take it apart and clean the contacts if you are so inclined. However, I'm also including a red-backlit universal 4-in-1 remote that I used with this unit when the original remote started acting up. Great for a dark bedroom or theater room.

$75 shipped anywhere in the continental US. PayPal verified members only. PM me if interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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