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FS: Stewart Studiotek 130 16:9 100" diagonal fixed frame **price update**

For sale is my Stewart Studiotek 130 screen. This is a fixed frame non-AT 16:9 100" diagonal screen. The frame is the older model rectangular aluminum frame. I was planning to wrap it with protostar material, but wanted a bigger screen and so did not get around to doing it. If you get this and wrap the frame with either protostar or velvet, this will be one of the best frames and screen.

Stewart Studiotek 130 is considered a reference screen. The colors are accurate, the gain is perfect and for spaces such as apartments or smaller theaters or those who do not want a larger screen, this is a perfect one at a great price.

Asking $550 + Shipping. Payment through paypal. Offers welcome

Local pickup near Concord MA. Willing to deliver within 50 mile raidus.

Post here or PM me your questions and offers.

I am looking to selling these quickly. So reduced price to for quick sale.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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