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FS: Tributaries Titan HDMI 15M, 18Gbps, in-wall,4K/60, Lumagen recommended

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SOLD: Tributaries Titan HDMI 15M, 18Gbps, in-wall,4K/60, Lumagen recommended

FS: Tributaries Titan HDMI 15M, 18Gbps data rate, in-wall,4K/60. $325 includes shipping and Paypal fee.
I bought this cable brand new on Ebay from Apollo AV March 2019. I planned to have my theater installer run it in wall to my Sony VW5000 projector which was then ceiling mounted. However, I then decided to both upgrade and renovate my theater which included removing component racks from left middle of theater so that they are hidden in new cabinetry in back of theatre, and also taking down the ceiling mount and moving the projector back behind new cabinetry being built at the rear of my theater for which I will only require a short HDMI cable run. I did use the cable for a few weeks and it works fine. This HDMI cable is recommended by Lumagen for long projector runs (see Lumagen Radiance Pro thread at AVS Forum, Video Processors subforum).
Tributaries Titan HDMI cable, DPL Labs certified at 18Gbps to handle the most demanding video up to 25M.
This cable is active at 15M and above, so does is directional and does require power USB power.
• Patented TITAN Digital Technology and advanced metallurgy for stable high frequency signal transfer
• Certified to support UHD HDMI 4K/60 HDR signals
• Passive 6 meter, 8 meter and 10 meter are guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps
• Active 12 meter – 25 meter are guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps
• All cables have earned DPL Labs and ISF 18Gbps UHD HDMI cable certification
• Power Grip™ connectors are tight fitting without the death grip of locking connectors
• Powered at the display end by USB
• Flexible UL CL2/FT4 rated jacket appropriate for in-wall use
• Signature is required due to the cost of the cable.
• I have an outstanding reputation for selling my used gear. Back 1000-2003, I moderated the AVS Special Guests Forum at www.avsforum.com - having weekly Special Guests answering questions, like Paul McGowan of PS Audio, Sam Runco (projectors); Texas Instruments (DLP chips), James Loudspeakers; etc.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts