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I'm a newbie to this and had a few basic questions

1) I connected my new HDTV to the 4th port on an operational DirectTV dish that some neighbors are using in the building. It's connected directly into my TV and on scanning, no channels were found. I thought I'll be able to get some free ones but I guess the frequencies are different

2) If I have to buy a receiver to receive FTA channels, would SV8000 HD be the best?

3) I'm not sure how to see where the DirectTV dish is pointing (I'm in the Northeast) but my compass says aprox 160 degrees. I obviously cannot move the dish since it doesn't belong to me but is it safe to say that I should get about 30-40 channels?

3) Lastly, I already have a Clearstream antenna - would the channels I get off the dish be different than the Clearstream which I'm using to get OTA channels - just wondering if the investment is worth it

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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