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Fujifilm 25pk DVD-Rs for $12.99 at Bestbuy

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Bestbuy is selling the Fujifilm 25pk DVD-R (not sure about +R) this week for $14.99 plus a $2 rebate from Fujifilm. I went in today to pick up 5 sets but got scared away when I saw Made in Taiwan on the label. I only ended up picking up two sets. I'm asking here first before I pick up some more just to be sure that i'm not buying crap discs. Does the fact that they are made in Taiwan make them less reliable than the Made in Japan ones or does this only pertains to Maxwell DVD-R? Have anyone of you guys ever had any problem with Fujifilm made in Taiwan DVD-Rs?
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I wouldn't count on ever getting a mail-in rebate back from Fuji. They still owe me $40 on 2, $20 mail-in rebates from Best Buy, almost a year ago. I complied with all of their conditions but they have stalled and stalled. I never will see those rebates now and I will never buy another Fuji product. They have turned into scam artists with their mail-in rebates.

Fry's has been having DVD-Rs on sale for about 29 cents apiece off and on.
Best Buy's website says these are only 1x:

Is that correct?

Anyway, to answer your question, I had some problems with the Taiwan Fujis (they would cause recover errors in my E80). One of the two spindles I bought was OK, but another was simply horrible. Other folks have had great luck with them, though.
No. They are actually up to 8X write speed. I guess I should just return the 2 sets that I bought. I don't want to take a chance and make discs that might be unplayable on some dvd players due to the dvd-r being unreliable.

They sound like a great deal. Depending on what kind of equipment you have, you may have no problems at all. I just gave up on the Fujis because I got tired of my machine shutting itself down with them (all of the discs would finally burn on the second or third attempt, though).
Been using the GQ Printable media packs From Fry's on both a Pioneer and ad iLO No problems.

I think the Pioneer has a R & RW from Fuij in the box.
Originally posted by Nighttime
Been using the GQ Printable media packs From Fry's on both a Pioneer and ad iLO No problems.
Cool, that's the first time I've seen someone respond.

Now if someone with a Panasonic or Toshiba recorder'll respond in the affirmative, the Fry's discs will be the cheapest reliable ones
Bizkymo, try one pack. If they are crap, take the other pack back. If they work for you, buy more!

DaveC E100 is right. I get about 50- 60% of my rebates back from BB. Don't let the rebate make or break the deal, cuz you can't count on them. They also usually have severe restrictions like "one item per household per lifetime". Which means if you buy 100 packs of discs they may rebate you for one or throw your claim out all together.

Proceed with caution.
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