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Fujitsu Rebate - How Long?

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How long did it take from the time you mailed the rebate form until it showed up on the "Check the status of a rebate" web page?

I mailed my rebate form two weeks ago and it hasn't shown up on the web site yet.

Perhaps my grumbling on here about the pink corners and bad pixels issues a few weeks ago got my submission flagged for the circular file... :eek:
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It takes about 3-4 weeks for your data to first show up on the web site. It takes a least the full 8 weeks before the check arrives.

I mailed my rebate form seven weeks ago and it still hasn't shown up on the web site yet. I called the 1-888-645-6314 number again today to make sure they had me on record as having called before the October 30 deadline. The computer did show my two previous calls.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

If you can't get them to formally agree that your phone calls are enough to establish your submission date, you should probably ask them how to go about mailing in a duplicate submission. As you know, the rebate requires your entry to be submitted prior to the end of this month, and if it has gotten lost in the mail or in their processing, your phone calls might not be sufficient.

When I called them some time back, they said the data available to the phone people trailed the data on the web site by a week or so. But if they don't have it in even their phone system, and it's been 7 weeks, it's time to consider plan B.

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I have already discussed Plan B with them. The time to resubmit comes before the end of the month. It goes to another address. This time I will mail it with a return receipt requested.
I submitted mine back in July, and just received my check last week.
Originally posted by TomB
I submitted mine back in July, and just received my check last week.
Same here. And I pestered them by e-mail weekly!

Four months and nine phone calls after I submitted my rebate, the rebate center said my serial # was not qualified for the rebate. Period.

Not why don't you recheck the serial number in case you entered it incorrectly.

Not here's why it takes four months and nine phone calls for us to tell you that your serial number doesn't qualify when we knew or should have known that long ago.

Not we're only the rebate center but here's a Fujitsu number you can call to discuss the situation.


I called Magnolia. I didn't even think about calling Fujitsu since just a few minutes earlier I had ended another phone call with Fujitsu about my PQ issues which left me completely exasperated.

What my rep said is that Magnolia registers the serial numbers with Fujitsu. Fujitsu sends a list of vendors and serial #s to the rebate center. How can it take four months to tell me my serial # and receipt don't match the list?

A day later Magnolia said that Fujitsu was balking at giving me the rebate. Magnolia took my credit card # and said Magnolia would credit the rebate to my account in the next few days.

Since the conditions that qualify me for the rebate also qualify me for the warranty, does that mean that I have no warranty?

After sale service:

Magnolia - thumbs up.

Fujitsu - a big thumbs down so far.
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A surprising twist.

After my last post I had called both Fujitsu and Magnolia about the warranty and decided that for whatever reason Fujitsu did not recognize me as a warranteed owner.

Last Saturday I unexpectedly received a $1000 rebate check from Fujitsu which has made me much happier with Fujitsu.

Since Magnolia had already given me $1082.50, I called up to see how they wanted to handle the return of the extra money.

Magnolia told me to keep the money and think of them the next time I made a purchase.
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I received my $1500 today after less than a month..am applying it toward a Pioneer Elite 1120..love my 55" Fujitsu, just need a media box solution for the bedroom..thanks..Niles
Wow, that's fast! I sent my rebate form in November and I'm still waiting!
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