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Fukuoka Car Show 3D Remastered

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I have remastered my Fukuoka Car Show movie and now your 3D television will automatically detect it is 3D and switch into 3D mode. I now have 2 versions being sold on my site, www.blazin3D.com The side by side version and the new version.

Due to copyright laws the 3D Blu Ray logo on the cover is different for all customers, however the photo below is old and the first version I made.

A Youtube sample can be found here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6lH1DCSMyk but keep in mind Youtube reduces the quality.

Held every year in Yahoo dome, the Fukuoka Custom Car Show is the place to check out all the pimped out rides Japan tuners and workshops have to offer.

Killer paint and wrap jobs, custom rims, cool body kits, pimped out interior, banging sound systems, and HOT Japanese girls can all be seen here.

As our first movie we are pleased to bring you 111 minutes of footage of each car from different angles all in amazing 3D!

Check out some of Japans coolest rides, and did we mention the GIRLS?!

**A 3D bluray player and 3D television are required to view this movie**


Video of each car from different angles in full HD 3D

5.1 channel music soundtrack that will blow you away!

Bonus disc full of 3D photos of the show you can view on Play Memories

on the PlayStation 3
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A review can be found on this website,


By the user kwrobbins who really enjoyed the movie.
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