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Full 1080p resolution via COMPONENT (maybe?)

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Let me start by saying I am the very proud owner of a LC-37D90U 1080p set by Sharp.

I am constantly consumed with thoughts on how I am going to connect my 360 to get the max 1080p resolution while viewing movies with the new HD-DVD add on.

This is what I have come up with. We know (not for sure but because the manual says so as well as the C-Net review) that this set will not support a 1920x1080p analog resolution via VGA-->DVI. The 360 needs a VGA connection to view movies in full 1920x1080p resolution.

It has been rumoured that this set will not accept a 1080p signal via component. But our friend Mikecoscia has now dispelled this myth :

Okay guys the ISF calibrator left a little while ago. Couple of things... first this set DOES ACCEPT a 1080p signal over component. He was using a pattern creator (senco or something like that) and the 37D90U did show 1080p over component. I had him try it again a few times because I read here that it did not support. He was actually surprised too.

Thanks again Mike. So I have come up with this solution and was wondering what you guys thought :

I simply get this :


Last product and second selection " 6 ft VGA Female to Component Male Cable " and voila, I should have full on 1920x1080p resolution in games as well as movies.

So will this work guys?
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No, that won't work. That VGA-Component cable is not YPrPb component on the end you plug into your TV. It's RGB. You'll need some sort of transcoder to get from VGA to component video.
Well, won't games output in 1080p over component when the update comes out? Unless you are concerned about HDDVD/upconverting DVD's. But the above poster is right. You'll have drop some coins on a transcoder.
Also be aware that most displays that accept 1080p over component do so at 30 FPS and not 60. That won't affect movies but it would definitely affect games.
Why would that affect the games? Will the 360 upconvert 720p games to 1080p60hz? And I don't believe I've heard anything about any future games being encoded at 1080p60hz.
It would affect the games because a 720p60 game will be displayed as 1080p30. In that case, it would be better to feed your display the native 720p60 signal and let the display upconvert to 1080p60. If your TV does not accept 1080p60 over VGA or component, then it would be best just to keep things at 720p60.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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