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Full motion wall mount???

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Can anyone, anywhere please recommend a good full motion wall mount? It is for a 55" if that helps??? I like to buy things to last and would never need to replace it, I just want a good 'AS CLOSE TO THE WALL' mount as poss, any help would very much be appreciated!!! Thankyou in advance...
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By full motion you mean manual or powered?

And.. How far do you need it to come off the wall? 90 degrees?
Hiya, I just want one that I can manually tilt up and down, backwards forwards, left and right for better viewing angles?it is going onto a stud wall bang in the middle of the room but I'm just thinking ahead if there is any glare or sunlight issue, I can move it accordingly?it needs to be 400x400 if that makes any difference with any suggestions?
I use this one for my 65" plasma, it was 149.99 when I bought it 3 yrs ago. Its on sale at newegg.com same place I bought it but for 99.99 now!

The Peerless is half as thick, but not as inexpensive.
Sweet thanks guys!!!! Ill check it out
Also look at Monoprice -- many of use their products. Good quality for a lot less.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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