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First off, let me apologize if I'm posting this the wrong place. To me it felt like the right place, looking at all the different forums. 

Here's the issue. I have an issue running Netflix in full screen. I'll add some pictures here:

Netflix in normal size main monitor:


Netflix full screen main monitor:


Netflix normal size secondary monitor:


Netflix full screen secondary monitor:


The main monitor is an AOC 2963, the secondary monitor is a BenQ V2400Eco. Main monitor is 2560x1080, secondary is 1920x1080.

As you should be able to see, on my main monitor, the size doesn't change at all between full screen and "normal" size. However, on the secondary monitor it actually stretches it to "the right size". The ratio is right for it to fill the main monitor, but it doesn't. The kicker is, this only happens with Netflix. Youtube content with the same aspect ratio will fill the screen. Standard video playback will fill it fine. Netflix wont'. Also, Netflix will fill the screen in height with "normal" 1920x1080 videos on the main monitor, like this:

So, there seems to be an issue with aspect ratio and not filling the screen. I've been looking for a solution to this, and some seem to blame silverlight, but I don't know if this is at all fixable. Does anyone know what the cause of this is, or even if a solution exists? It's kind of frustrating looking at big, fat borders when you have a screen made for that resolution, and it just flat out refuses to use it. 

Again, if this is the wrong place, I would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. If not, any help to this is accepted with the greatest of gratitude.

Also, the picture from the film was just where I paused the movie when I decided I wanted to make a post, I swear it isn't planned.
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