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Whenever I view streaming videos on sites like YouTube, online news pages with video, etc, and click to maximize the video to full screen, the video will inevitably play for a minute or 2, and then freeze. The audio will continue as normal, and all other PC functions remain fine, but the video will freeze, until I go back to the smaller view. No freezing occurs in less than maximized viewing. The pc, which I built about 2.5 years ago, runs a Powercolor ATI Raden X800 vid card on a Asus P5B deluxe mobo w/a 2.4 GHZ core 2 duo CPU and 2 gig of RAM. OS is XP home, SP3. I use this PC extensively for playing video of all kinds and have never had ANY trouble except with full-screening these streams. No trouble at all playing DVD's or any vid file available in Zoom, WMP, VLC, etc, but these seemingly pedestrian streaming vids always lock. As a test, I simultaneously played a 4.5 gig .MPG in VLC and a 11.6 gig .MKV in Zoom, both on-screen at the same time, & both playing on 2 monitors at once, the VGA'd desktop LCD & a cloned Plasma in another room which is connected by DVI/HDMI. Both videos played perfectly. It's hard to imagine streaming vids place more of a demand on system resources than that. Also, my cable internet connection, which I monitor while dl'ing, is a rock-solid 16 meg. Again, happens in both FF & IE. Anyway to fix this? It's really getting to be a PITA.


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