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Just getting into DIY speaker building so I figured I would start small with a couple of Fusion-6 speakers. I already have all the parts and materials for a couple of martycubes, and plan on Tempest or Tux 1099 for LCR, so these will serve as rears or sides/heights or wherever.

I did a rough setup of the crossover without any box just to prove out if they worked. No problems there (I think). Didn't sound great, but no cab, not a very good source either so I am not worried.

I don't see a lot on these forums for this speaker, so I just have a few questions.

Would regular 1/2" MDF be fine for the cabinets?

I see some sort of baffle cut in the middle of the brace in the pic of the flatpack. Is that necessary? http://www.diysoundgroup.com/flat-packs-1/seos-flat-packs/35-cuft-flat-pack.html

Anyone else out there using these? Will they server their role as one of the side/surround speaker pairs?

Thanks for any input.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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