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Future $1,000 to $2,000 DLP projectors with lens shift?

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A question for you industry insiders….

Are there any new sub-$2000 DLP projectors on the near-term horizon with true lens shift capability like the Panasonic 700U?

I would love to buy any one of the great new DLP projectors that have come out in the last 6 months or so, but NONE will work in my living room without huge keystone correction (I need to mount at screen level, 15 feet back). The least expensive projector I can buy that will work in my situation is the Panasonic 700U.

Given the huge popularity of the Panny 700, I would think some of the DLP manufacturers would take the hint and start building projectors with better zoom capabilities and a true lens shift like the Panny.

So is there any hope out there, or should I just go ahead buy the Panasonic now?


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I believe the NEC 410 and 510 are both under $2000 and do have lens shift. I believe NEC has a patent on their lens shift method so they may be the only company with a good lens shift feature in this price range for the time being.
Thanks, I considered the NECs but they both have an extremely short throw range -- basically seem to be designed for coffee table use. Neither of these works from 16 feet back. Plus it's dissapointing that neither of these projectors has a DVI input.
I thought the Panny has a not so fantastic lens shift feature and that Sony HS51 and Sanyo Z3 both wipe the floor with the Panny when comparing lens shift.


Duy-Khang Hoang
Thanks Duy-Khang, but these are not DLPs. And even still, they wouldn't work for either as they both have a really short throw range. Seems like these are again for ceiling mount or coffee table use.

So my question again to anyone whe might be in the know... Is there any DLP on the horizon with both lens shift AND better zoom capability (like the panny 700)?

Thanks again
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