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FX5200 and Toshiba 65h14

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I am trying to set this combo up.

What is the best way to attach to the tv? The tv has component and HDMI. The video card has VGA and DVI.

I have seen DVI to HDMI cables. Can I hook the PC to the TV this way? Trying to find out before I drop the cash on some cables.

I am hooked up via VGA to component convertor box (RCA brand) to the TV. I have a couple resolutions sort of working. I have PowerStrip and I am playing with that.

Does anyone have current settings from PowerStrip for this TV model?

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DVI and HDMI pin outputs are 100% compatible with each other.

You only loose the transfer of audio.

So you can use a HDMI - DVI cable or a gender changer.
Making sure I understand.

So if I have a HDMI-HDMI cable it transfers the surround audio. If I use a DVI-HDMI I don't get the surround audio, but the video is the same quality.

If I use VGA-component, is it less quality than DVI-HDMI?
I will try and answer what I can-

I am using a FX5200 with a DVI to HDMI cable connected to a Toshiba RPTV.

I have gotten this to work with the latest beta driver (I think it's 71.81) available from guru3d.com

With this driver you just connect the cable and select 1080i or 720p from the list under your tv name under the forceware drivers. It automatically adjusts the timings for HDTV. Make sure the TREAT THIS DISPLAY AS HDTV option is checked.

Both resolutions work perfectly but I have to use 720p to get stutter-free HDTV playback in MCE 2005.

You may or may not need another monitor connected initially to change the resolution- I did. Just boot with the pc monitor connected, select the resolution, click OK to apply, shut down, then unplug the vga and plug in the DVI cable and you're good to go. The cool this is this driver also has underscan compensation- no powerstrip needed!

Good luck- Shawn
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I'll have to check what drivers I have. But you are saying that in the Nvidia settings within the monitor drivers they have the tv's listed? Nice. So you aren't using PowerStrip at all?

I got the 720p res to work with powerstrip. No overscan and very little underscan. The only problem I have is in the middle of the screen, horizontally, it has a jitter. Kinda odd thing really, not sure what to call the problem. It is not stable, and sways side to side a small bit. Not to noticable during action scenes, but still scenes it is very annoying.

ANy idea what cause that? Or if the switch to DVI-HDMI cable would eliminate that?
I believe that jitter is a timing issue when using a pc with a HDTV. You can spend some time tweaking the front porch values etc. , but the newest NVIDIA drivers have all this stuff ready to go for HDTVs. I don't have any jitter in my 720p. I did on my 1080i desktop (but not when viewing tv) because pc+interlaced resolution= crap.

I have never touched powerstrip, this version of the driver is all you need. For my TV at least it shows up as HITACHI PTV in the NVIDIA driver.

I should point out that I DID get version 66.93 to work with it too but I had so much vertical jitter I couldn't even read the desktop. It wouldn't allow me to manually change the timings either.

Note that the underscan option does technically change the resolution, so if you are using a fixed pixel display you will prob. not want to use the underscan correction.

Hope this helps.
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You are saying that I should be looking for the Toshiba TV to show as a Hitachi? Where do I find that setting and where is the HDTV setting you talked about?
Swats> where did you go to?

I can't find the HDTV bit you where referring to. Anyone else know?

I updated to the Nvidia 7190 drivers and switched over to the DVI-HDMI cable.

The cable got rid of the mid screen jitter I was experiencing. I was using VGA-Component convertor.

The newer drivers do have settings that was talking about. Not sure why I couldn't get the drivers he described to work.

I am NOT using PowerStrip now. And have set the underscan setting in the driver and the screen looks great at 720P. I havn't tried other settings yet. But being a wide screen the 1177x662 res is perfect.

Now I like my new TV purchase much better.
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