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Well, I just got my G11 back from its 4 months stay at the JVC Service Center (long story) and tried hooking it up to the Y-Pr-Pb progessive output of my Skyworth 1050 DVD player without any success. The S-Video, regular component, and VGA RGB connections all work, but when I use the progressive component outputs, the G11 auto syncs to 480p but displays garbage.

If I force a 480i mode, I see a vertically doubled image, so I think my connections are OK (I'm using a regular component cable with RCA-BNC adapter from RadioShack.)

Any suggestions?

Also, I notice that when using the VGA connection (Computer 1) the image colors are far, far less saturated than the S-Video or regular component inputs (all settings are at zero). The Computer 1 input adjustments seem to have minimal effect.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Take care,

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