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G70 experts: Error 29

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I have a chance to buy a mint (really mint) tubed G70 here in Pt, cheap. The pj starts up, the whoosh from the 3 fans comes up, 1 second later it's dead silent, error 29.

This points to the "B" board. So me and a tech took the B board out, put it back (no replacement B board to try). No change. The B board has some wiring done underneath the PCB, don't know if it's standard. Starting the pj with the board or without it it's the same, error 29.

Is there a "usual" suspect for this error? How can I narrow the troubleshooting knowing that I have no spare B board to try? I mean NEC manuals usually have a "fault path" ie, if error "x" then do: 1); 2) 3) etc but the service manual for the G70 doesn't.

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ANY opinions? Does a "standard" B board have that aftermarket wiring done underneath?
I may be able to check my b board for you later today. Have you priced the B board just to know what the new one's cost?
You will find wiring additions to the bottom of Sony boards. Sony will make revisions to boards this way then revise the actual PC etching to incorporate the changes on latter production boards. What you need is the actual number printed on the circuit board for the revision number for the comparison. I will bet the extra wiring is supposed to be there.

You're probably right and it DOES look like a factory mod. I had a look at a service supplement yesterday and forgot to look for anything on the B board. How smart is that :(?


Thank you. If you've got the time please do, if possible get a pic. I tried to use Sony's parts' site but couldn't get a match. Probably my mistake.

guys, this a great pj for a great price with MINTY original tubes! I do mean minty! I don't want to let it go but I'm affraid the cost of a new B board might be too much for me right now.

Curt, Bruce, anyone. Do you have a B Board? and most importantly: error 29, is that 99% accurate as being the B board's fault OR could it be the mainboard or any of the CRT/neck boards??? I need to troubleshoot to narrow the problem and make sure it's "just" a B board issue. I really need a tech's opinion...
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I think I found the B boards on the Sony site...

A1135931A A1135931A B COMPL $1,019.67

If that's the one it quite dear.

I do have a couple of spare sets here that I could rob a board out of, but I'd prefer to repair yours. With the cost of new boards, I'd like to save as many as possible. Let me know if you want to send it to me.. shoot me an email to my home address, but I'm backed up a whole bunch right now. Shoujd be caught back up by Jan 1 or so..


thanks. The service manual I've got here lists the B board as A-1135-897-A (B compl)? At the Sony parts site $741.00. Still a lot. And I'm not that sure it's the correct part.


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