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G70 Reset to Factory

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In service mode holding down the reset for 10-20 seconds resets everything to the factory settings including all registrations right ??

Is there anything that does not get reset that should be. For example Zone Registration, memory blocks above #10 ?
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It depends what you mean. To do a global "factory reset", which is just resetting the pj to the 120" diag. factory setup, you must hold the reset on the projector (not the remote) for 20-25 seconds. That will reset for the 120" size, but it DOESN'T put things at 128.

I've feed a couple different sources and the PJ has been using a couple different preset frequencies. I had only setup registration for 02 and copied as standard data to all.

So I though I should just start over and setup the registrations 00 through 05 at least.

Is it a better idea to reset everything to 128 if I'm not setting up for a 120" screen?
If you copied the setup from block 2, you should really only have to touch-up the new frequencies, but you can't copy it until you have already created a "new" memory blocks from the new frequencies. Then you can see what blocks they wind up on and copy "2" to those blocks.

As far as setting 00 - 05, if you look in the sm, you'll see that you really don't need to set them up for HT. If you were using the projector for staging, then I would tell you that ALL the frequencies should probably be setup to make it easy to converge any signal that was thrown at you.
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