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G90 inspected. How to clean glass?

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I have my recently acquired G90 lenses off to inspect CRT wear. I can see a tiny bit of burn on the green only. Yahoo!

There appears to be some dust etc on the glass in front of the crt's and the lenses I removed.

How should these be cleaned and w/ what?
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Yeah I checked the FAQ post from Alan and found the how to clean thread.....
Wow! a G90. CONGRATS!

Please be very, very careful.

I've researched this for months.

My Marquee 8000's lenses came with totally trashed anti-reflective coating. They were so bad that I didn't mind experimenting with a few things to try to remove the AR completely. No improvement yet.

I just ordered a clean set of HD8s, so when they arrive, I can get really creative with experiments (gasoline, toothpaste, car wax finishing compound, etc)

But if it's just dust, try non-contact (compressed air).

Don't use windex, don't use kleenex.

When in doubt, don't do anything... you're more likely to do permanent damage instead of improving PQ by "cleaning" the dust.

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Once these things get dust on the tubes they are just about worthless. PM me and I'll come pick it up for you since I'm on my way to the dump anyhow :cool:

There are going to be dust on the lens all the time.

I clean the front element with a lens brush first and then lens cleaner like Kodak and lens paper tissue ONCE A YEAR. There are synthetic fiber fabric for this also, but it sets you back more than you want to spend. Check your camera store for a lens cleaning kit. I stay away from compressed air also which might actually blow the dust inside the barrel.
Sledge hammer is perfect for cleaning your frigging G90 lenses! Whats up with all the G90's popping all of a sudden? On the serious side. I wear glasses so I went to Lens Crafters and purchased a cleaning solution and lens cloths that are safe for COATED lenses. Works fine for me.
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