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So I have been building my HTPC using this GA-H55M-U2DH board from Gigabyte. Core i3 530, using the on board video. Up until this point I have been doing my testing with HDMI and VGA. HDMI looks weird, and VGA looks fine. But today I tried the DVI port out. Apparently, it works fine until windows is loaded, and then the display looses the signal and things go dark. BIOS/POST screen works, "starting windows" screen works, and then blank.

I tried the various intel drivers from the ones that ship w/ the board (1995 rev) up to the most recent ones (2057 rev) and they all seem to have this issue. If I connect a second display to the VGA, I can see in the Intel HD Graphics panel that its not even acknowledging the DVI connected first display. Its like the DVI port isn't even there.

The strange thing is, if I uninstall the intel graphics drivers completley and just use the generic microsoft unaccelerated driver the DVI port works.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is this specific to Gigabyte? I called Gigabyte and they didn't seem to have heard of this. They suggested I update the BIOS, which I did, and it didn't help.


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