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Hi all,

I'm hoping to find someone who has experienced the same issue with me. I bought a GA-MA78GM-S2H board last week (revision 1.0 - not sure what that means it's lacking compared to 2.1). Basically I get varying degrees of horrible flashing dots, 1 pixel wide. It seems to be the same pixels which alternate between normal and red (or sometimes green, especially on the left hand side of the screen). It is predominantly occuring on black backgrounds.

Now, when I first saw it I instantly thought "hardware or overheating". After hunting for an application that would find the temperature of the northbridge (ATI and Gigabyte apps won't), turns out it hits 81 degrees within a couple of minutes (at idle). Considering the CPU idles around 29 degrees and the system at 21, and the case isn't even closed, I thought this was extremely hot. However the system is totally stable. After looking on forums etc seems these temps are not unusual but I can't rule this out.

Anyway, I tried all the usual things - updated drivers (from I tihnk 8.45) to 8.11 (latest on Gigabyte's website) and 8.12 (latest ATI). Made no difference, but I did discover that the issue was intermittent, and seemed to not be coupled to temperature. Sometimes POSTing would get the dots, sometimes not. Sometimes Vista would get them really bad, sometimes not. I did some playing around, and it turns out changing the refresh rate makes it all go away. It doesnt seem to matter which refresh rate per se, just the act of changing it. Switching to VGA solves it, and switching back to DVI the problem is gone too. But reboot and lo and behold it's back.

Now, normally I'd RMA it and be done with it (and get a MA78GPM-DS2H which would hopefully do adaptive deinterlacing), but I'm now worried it has nothing to do with the motherboard and I'll end up with two motherboards and a bill for shipping.

I am going to try swapping the DVI cable tonight but given that switching to and fro inputs, refresh rates etc seems to fix it temporarily it doesn't seem like it would be a hardware problem. Has anyone else had the same problems??

Sorry for the long post! Hope this is the right place, didn't want to pollute the "official" thread.
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