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I have this mobo and the liteon blu-ray rom for almost 2 months now, and

have not been able to get 1-to-1 pixel mapping with my TV, Sony

KDS-R60XBR1 over HDMI (1920x1080). The best I can do is have some thin black bar on the right

and bottom of the screen, and the desktop seems shifted a bit to the left.

Tried researching this forum, but no one seems to have this same mobo/tv combo, & turned scaling to 0% in CCC but all this does is stretch the screen when I really want 1-to-1 pixel mapping.

I have another TV, 42" HP LCD and it doesn't have any over/under scan issues with this mobo; it does 1-to-1 pixel mapping perfect.

Are there any old-school XBR1 owners out there using this mobo for their HTPC?

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