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I have had a Da-Lite Video Spectra (1.5 gain) 106" diag, 92 in wide for over 10 years. I have been thinking of upgrading to a bigger screen, 119" diag, 104 inches wide.

After reading several posts here (thank you Tryg!), I decided to consider the Da-Lite High Power screen. Tryg also suggested that I check the gain calculator that flboy put together (thank you flboy!) to help me make a decision.

After running the calculations based on my seating arrangements (which cannot be changed) I got the following results:

L= left C= Right R=Right

High Power (106" Diag) 1.11 L, 1.10 C, 1.11 R

High Power (119" Diag) 1.11 L, 1.10 C, 1.11 R

Video Spectra (106" Diag) 0.85 L , 1.46 C, 0.85 R (my current set-up)

Video Spectra (119" Diag) 0.82 L, 1.46 C, 0.82 R

It looks to me as if the Video Spectra (VS) gives me a brighter sweet spot in the center than the High Power (HP) but a degrading image toward each side.

Does it make any sense to consider switching from a VS to a HP? I am trying to go to a bigger screen without degrading what I already have.

Any other options I should consider?

BTW, I have a JVC RS1 projector projecting from the ceiling onto a screen that is about 15 feet away. I sit about 15 feet away (under the projector basically). The projector is several feet over my head; the screen is a Da-Lite Cosmo electrical ceiling mounted.

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Originally Posted by FLBoy /forum/post/19608090

Sure he can, Doug. All it takes is an extension pole.

Nicoff, try a few lower PJ positions in the gain calculator, and watch the magic begin!

Ah, shoot. A pole. That's what I should have done.

I just built my pj into the bar to get it low.

After 1000 hours on the bulb my 52 square foot screen is still bright as can be - and on middle iris setting too. That is why you do the high power.

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