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Hello. I have developed a little program that helps you turn your PC into a console.

The main feature of GamepadTV lets you orginize all your programs (like steam big picture, xbmc), games, websites (youtube, netflix) into a menu, that you can navigate and run your games, websites and movies easily with your Xbox gamepad.

GamepadTV lets you orginize all your desktop PC into a menu. It lets you drag easily your desktop shortcuts of all your favorite games and programs, or add a web address (like youtube.com). When the menu is ready, all you have to do is hold the start button, pick your game, and have fun!

This little program can solve annoying problems that steam big picture failed to do:

For example, if you want to play the latest tomb raider, you still have to run the game from its launcher even if you opened it with Steam Big Picture. GamepadTV lets you activate and control your mouse to press "play" then disactivate it again, if you launched it from GamepadTV menu or Steam Big Picture.

Lets say you finished playing Tomb Raider, and you want to watch youtube. You have to go to your PC and navigate to your browser with a mouse and keyboard. With GamepadTV you can easily launch any website from GamepadTV menu.

Here are some youtube clips I have recorded that can show my program in action:

This clip will teach you how to use the program

This tutorial will show you how to add programs

In this tutorial you will learn how to add netflix, youtube websites into GamepadTV menu

Download: http://gptv.co.il/download.php?view.4

Please write any feedback or bug you found while using my program.
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