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Hey guys, I'm new here but had heard of the forums here for quite awhile. My wife & I are in the market for a new HDTV & will be purchasing none within the next week. I'm looking for something that is 42"-47". Preferrably 47" if within my budget.

I've kinda narrowed it down to an LG, Samsung, or Panasonic (plasma). I don't want to spend more than $1000, in fact preferrably closer to $800 @ most. I am willing to sacrifice screen size for picture quality (42" VS 47"). I will be playing a lot of videogames on it, PS3, Wii, maybe 360. Of course we will also be watching dvd's & tv on it. Being that I will be playing a lot of games, ghosting is a concern. I know that there is really no ghosting (from what I understand) in regards to plasma's, whereas LCD's can have this issue.

I've read also that some tv's that are 120hz or more can cause issues w/ games not looking "correct", & that in some tv's you can turn this feature off, & some you can't.

I don't mind ordering a tv online, however I'd rather buy one @ a brick & mortar store so that if something is wrong w/ the tv or we don't like it, we can more easily return/exchange it. My options for b&m stores around here are pretty much Best Buy, hhgregg, Costco, & Sam's Club. There's a Target also, but from my impressions, they aren't really that high of quality panels?

Recently I briefly browsed tv's in Best Buy & noticed this 42" Panasonic plasma that is 1080p that looked just as good if not better than this Samsung LED/LCD (I forget which it was) for @ least a few hundred $$$ less. I've heard panny plasma's are the best plasma's out there. I know that the LG's I looked at seem to be viable options as well. They don't seem to have as deep blacks when looking @ them in comparison to the Samsungs, but still look nice.

By no means will this be the last tv that we buy, but want it to be something we are pleased w/ for the price & that will last awhile. Granted anything electronic can go bad no matter the brand, but you get the idea.

Sorry for all of the details, but I wanted to be as specific as possible so that others can find it easier to make suggestions.

Thanks in advance!!!
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