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Gaming benchies with GTX 280 SLI and tri SLI setups

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Here is a good read on GTX 280 SLI and tri SLI testing with actual games. Even run Crysis at 2560x1600, but at a cost
... and what a cost


Boy just wondering which is the easiest bank to jack...UMMMMM TRI SLI
...I dont think so
... but plain old GTX 280 SLI might ????? be in my future

Luv this quote...underlining added by me...

"Today ladies and gentlemen we'll not spend 650,- USD on a graphics card .. no kind Sir, we'll put down 1300 USD on the table and see what two of these cards can achieve performance wise. Expensive ? Yeah, Stupid ? yeah, ... Guru? Yeah ... kick'ass man.

We live and breathe for this stuff. And before you ask, sure, we'll do a threesome with tree-way SLI as well. "

Didnt know "tree's" did threesomes....
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Hilbert is the biggest nVidia fanboy out there. It's a good write-up if you don't expect anything else than nVidia PR spin. No matter the price, Hilbert loves anything from nVidia. Which isn't too surprising considering he isn't paying for any of it.

Remember the 7800 GTX 512mb cards? 6,7 hundred dollars and obsolete almost instantly?

The yields on the GTX280 are bad, and the chips are HUGE and expensive. NVidia will get a cheaper (for them) refresh out ASAP. So be careful before you drop that kind of money. Furthermore, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't wait for the numbers on the 4K series from AMD. All indications show similar performance for half the price.
AMD stock up almost 50% from couple months ago. Somebody doin' sumthin' right.

Waiting for 4870s reviews. More concerned with physical size and heat than couple of fps.
"Hilbert is the biggest nVidia fanboy" fanboy or what...the numbers dont lie either. I am waiting for the 260 numbers. I had two of those 7800GTX's also...LOL. along with a bunch of 6 series SLI cards.

Size wise, from all sneaked previews the ATI cards are just as long as the new NVidia ones. Thats why I am getting an E-ATX mobo capable case
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Hey Tinker, I've got a little cube case that I use for portable gaming that has a left over 7950gt. My main gamer has sli MB though I've never taken advantage of it. Planned on moving it's 8800gts to the cube if I get a new card. Main reason for the GTS over GTX was length.
I just got off a Webinar hosted by Nvidia a little bit ago. The Webinar touched the key points of the 280 and 260. Some of the slides pointed out benchmarks for games like COD 4 and World In Conflict and it looked like the 260 wasn't far behind. They also mentioned the 280 is available now, but the 260 won't be available until next Thursday, the 26th. For the average retail price difference, the 260 seems like the better buy if you were on a tight budget. Looks like the 280 retail cost will average around $599 (depends of manufacturer and retailers, obviously) and the 260 will be around the $399 mark.
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