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I recently purchased the Samsung UNB8500 and I am in love with the set

The issue I have is getting the Game Mode settings right

The good thing this year is that Samsung allows for the user to tweak many picture options in game mode unlike before

I think that Native Color Space in game mode is to much saturation and makes the field in Madden look close to yellow instead of green

So I went with Auto and raised the color setting to make things better. But the issue with Auto is that the blue jerseys on the Giants are a bit washed out.

So at the end I went with native which makes the blue jerseys nicer and lowered the color from 50 to about 42 compensate for the overly saturated colors in native

the issue i have is that there seems to be a blue tint to the picture. I checked and i have normal setting for game mode and the color is normal temperature as well

I think the issue is in the white balance

when i lower the blue level intensity the issue goes away but then you get a green issue which shows up in the menus

Can anyone share their color space and white balance settings for game mode

I am sure that anybody with this years samsung models can help if they have game mode tweak to their liking.'

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I got a UN55C6900VF 55" LED Samsung, and while I was able to tweak the picture to look pretty good, I am very disappointed with the tv for use in gaming.

In game mode you get no motion smoothing which is what I wanted, but if you turn off game mode and use the smoothing the input lag is so bad that it makes games very frustrating to play.

I think I'll be returning the tv.
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